Google Trusted Photographer

Google Trusted Photographer

Since 2014 I’m a Google Street View Trusted Photographer, realizing dozens of works for professionals in each field.

Google Street View is a service provided exclusively by Google photographers and helps you to improve your online presence with a 360 degrees virtual tour, designed to engage customers in an interactive walk inside your business.

You can have the virtual tour both on your website and on your Facebook page, making it immediately visible to visitors online, as well on profiles like Google+ Local and Google Maps.

To learn more about it you can visit PANOFUX, a website dedicated to this service, Google Street View.

Some indoor Street View works

As Google Trusted Photographer I worked with

  • Sale e Tabacchi
  • Sichtwechsel
  • Savanna
  • Stereoki Store
  • Enoteca l’Angolino
  • Berkis
  • Falafel Daye
  • Wohlfahrts & Dressler
  • Il Sorriso
  • Latino
  • Horns ‘n’ Hoofs
  • Sonamu
  • Buon Gusto
  • Le Croco Bleu
  • Sanatorium 23
  • Comic Laden Grober Unfug
  • Piano Centrum Leipzig
  • Gaffel Haus
  • Modeträume Monika Gühl Damenmodegeschäft
  • Impuls Fitness
  • Royal London Bus
  • Just Juggling
  • HIFIplay
  • Rum Depot
  • Leipziger Oldtimer Fahrten GmbH
  • Centopassi
  • Furniture4Life
  • Ampelmann Shop
  • Kuchenkultur
  • Ristorante Essenza
  • Artgerecht Friseur
  • Nadelarbeit
  • Bodyterminal
  • Saccidananda-Yoga
  • Osteria Caruso
  • Die Wolllust
  • Boccondivino
  • Dannert
  • EMS First
  • Berlin-Ballons
  • Polsterei Deutschmann Design